Jaypig jumping from AAVA to DAI to get to a cryptopunk NFT

Crosschain DeFi-on-NFTs

Jaypigs is a crosschain NFT Renting & Borrowing protocol.

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Jaypig jumping from AAVA to DAI to get to a cryptopunk NFT

JayPigs Technologies

Icon of a jaypig with a cryptopunks nft

NFT Renting

Safely rent NFTs without any Collateral. Depositors can earn yield from their lent assets.

Cute jaypig with a bitcoin representation

Borrowing against NFTs

NFTs can be listed as collateral to borrow liquidity on multiple tokens WBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT.

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Smart Rewards

Platform fees are share with users based on their activity and use of the platform.

Partners & Grants

Jaypigs is multi-chain

Jaypigs received grants from Axelar, Moonbeam Foundation and Near Foundation to accelerate development activities.

Crosschain technology

Permissionles network

Highly Secure

Application agnostic

Bridge featuring AAVA, DAI and a Cryptopunk NFT

Our Mission

At JayPigs, our goal is to make NFTs a widely used asset class. We want to build crosschain products that are powerful, secure and accessible to all users.

NFTs have seen a big amount of interest and adoption in the last few years. Our goal at Jaypigs is to take this new economy to the next level, by allowing renting and NFT-backed loans across multiple blockchains.


Our Team

Youssef Allali


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Co-founder, CEO/CTO

Illias Bouchir


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Co-founder, COO


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Senior Full Stack Dev


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UX Designer


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Backend Dev


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We are looking
to expand our team